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“I was struggling as a recreational performer. Subsequently, I found a wonderful teacher who was referred to me by my ENT doctor. When I found out she was moving away, I was sure I would never find another teacher who would understand me, make me feel comfortable, and help me. I was terribly wrong.

I met Jen singing in the choir. I was so impressed by her voice and presence. My son and I both started lessons with Jen. My son went from someone who was a very insecure singer to someone who really looked forward to going to his voice lessons with Jen and finding his voice. He loved working with Jen. She had a way that made this very reluctant singer feel comfortable and accomplished.

As for me, I had become very disenchanted with singing and my abilities. I thought I would not be able to enjoy singing again and that I had aged out as a singer. Jen is remarkably warm and encouraging. She assured me that my singing days were not over, and has proceeded to undo the bad habits I formed and perpetuated for many years.

I have been to many voice teachers, but since beginning with Jen, I have been learning many new ways to think about singing. Jen is both a patient and compassionate teacher. Her easy yet professional demeanor encourages the most defeated performer. She has lived what she teaches and remembers what it feels like to reconstruct as a singer. Her wonderful, warm laugh puts you at ease immediately, and she shares all the techniques which have made her an accomplished singer with the expectation that you will become an accomplished singer as well.

Lori Sivick

I am honored to contribute some thoughts on Jennifer Laubach’s teaching of the vocal arts. I have had the privilege of both studying and collaborating with her over the past several years. Jen and I exchange lessons and insights each week as I take voice lessons from her and she takes piano lessons from me. We often find ourselves addressing similar if not identical musical content but from our own particular disciplines. Through these discussions, I have marveled at the depth of her understanding of the human voice and vocal production. In her teaching, she addresses vocal development by utilizing a sequential and logical approach that employs helpful movement and visual techniques, leading to a balanced, healthy, rich sound over time. As a lifelong singer and choral director, I have the opportunity to also apply the techniques she teaches in the private studio and I am amazed at the difference it has made in the sound of my choirs, both young and old. I firmly believe that her teaching promotes healthy vocal development in singers of all ages. Lessons are always driven with hard work, sprinkled with laughter, and filled with joy.

Marie Miller

Jennifer and I have been doing virtual lessons between the US and Australia since before Covid required it. I love the lessons and my singing has improved beyond my expectations. I now understand, from the teaching method Jennifer uses, what it feels like to be singing from the right place within my body. Also my range, and my confidence in my vocal range has improved dramatically. I find myself effortlessly reaching high notes I never thought I could sing. It has changed my voice so much that songs I had written pre Jennifer’s lessons, were too low, and I now find myself playing and singing them in higher keys! Thanks Jennifer for helping me to find my natural voice and making it fun!

Marie Miller

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