with Jennifer Laubach

Studio Policies

Payment due by the 15th of the month

$10 late fee no exceptions.  

Accepted forms of payment are Cash/Check/Venmo.  If paying through Venmo/Paypal, I will text my information directly. Checks may be made out to Jennifer Laubach.  

If mailing, please send to: 16 Beaver Lane, Easton, PA 18045

Please make sure you read and understand the following: 

There are 44 lessons per year.  Tuition remains the same regardless of the number of lessons or weeks in any particular month.  Your monthly tuition includes private lessons, audition and adjudication preparation, music selection, master classes, and performance and recital preparation.


You are purchasing my time, expertise, individual instruction, and a lesson slot whether you are present or absent.  Your lesson time slot is precious, please take advantage of using it.

  • NO REFUNDS for missed lessons
  • NO ADJUSTMENTS to the monthly tuition
  • 24 HOUR COURTESY CALL or TEXT requested in advance of a missed lesson… lesson must be made up within one month of the missed lesson, or the lesson will be lost.  Missing a lesson for vacation, sports or school conflict?  Please reschedule in advance.   No exceptions.
  • THIS IS A YEAR ROUND STUDIO: If the student wishes to take an extended break (longer than 3 weeks) during any time of the year (summer included) the student will be placed on a waiting list upon return.  If the student wishes to hold a lesson time, the time slot must be paid for in full.. throughout the break.  No exceptions.
  • IF 3 CONSECUTIVE LESSONS ARE MISSED WITHOUT CONTACTING THE STUDIO, THE TIME SLOT IS IMMEDIATELY LOST.  If the student wishes to start lessons again, there is a 3 month probation period.  If the student misses at any time during probation, without calling or texting, lessons will be discontinued, and the student will be billed accordingly.  No exceptions.
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER:  If Easton Area Schools are closed, this studio will also be closed.  Lessons canceled due to inclement weather will not be made up in person, however, the student may opt for an online lesson via Zoom or FaceTime.  If the student opts out, the lesson will be lost and will not be rescheduled. No exceptions.


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