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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if voice lessons are right for me or my child?

A phone or online interview or in-person consultation will help me determine if the match and timing are right for lessons. Contact me to schedule a free evaluation call (610) 762-1067 or email [email protected].

What should I wear to my voice lesson sessions?

Wear loose fitting clothing that allows you to breathe and move freely.

What can I expect from lessons?

The primary goal of voice lessons is to develop technique for a healthy, long lasting instrument. We will work on vocal and physical exercises to establish coordination of muscles needed for healthy singing. You’ll learn to integrate the techniques into songs that are appropriate and enjoyable to sing. If you have requirements for school or for an audition, we can work on that material technically to ensure you are singing healthily.

Can you help with audition preparation?

Absolutely! I have worked closely with many students during their preparation for musical theatre auditions as well as for college application auditions. 

What if I have to cancel the night before or day of a lesson?

The Vocaleez cancelation policy pertains to ALL cancellations. Please refer to our studio policy found here for more details.


Don’t see the answer to your question?

Contact me at [email protected] or fill the below form.

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